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Bicycle Accidents

Reputable California Attorney Litigates Bicycle Accident Cases

Dedicated San Jose firm helps injured cyclists obtain compensation

Whether you’ve lived here forever or are enjoying the beauty of the Bay Area as a visitor, cycling is a fun, healthy way to spend a day. Unfortunately, even a slight collision between a bicycle and a car or truck can lead to extensive physical and financial harm. Staskus Law Firm, PC in San Jose has been a strong advocate for personal injury victims for almost 40 years and has extensive experience representing cyclists seeking fair compensation after a crash. We provide comprehensive legal support at every phase of your proceedings, working to prove liability and damages so that you can achieve a favorable result. For residents who’ve been hurt on their own bikes or visitors injured on rentals, our firm is a dedicated advocate striving to collect full payment as quickly as possible.

Attorney investigates the causes of collisions between bikes and cars

Without the protection that exists for drivers of vehicles, bicyclists are much more vulnerable to road hazards and severe injuries. To secure a measure of justice, it’s important to hire a qualified attorney who has a successful track record litigating these types of claims. In a free initial consultation, Kim David Staskus will go over each aspect of your bike accident and potential causes including:

  • Careless drivers — Drivers of cars and trucks are legally bound to share the road with bicycles. If laws were not obeyed, we’ll work to hold the negligent vehicle operators accountable.
  • Unsafe conditions — A road defect or hazardous condition that might not affect a larger vehicle could trigger a serious bike crash. Sometimes, government authorities and construction crews don’t take proper care to protect everyone who is using a roadway. We can determine if that was a factor in your accident.
  • Faulty equipment — When a defective part contributes to a bicycle accident, our firm has the ability and resources to find flaws that might have occurred during the design or manufacturing process. We know how to take on powerful adversaries in these cases and win.

For plaintiffs who are coping with broken bones, concussions, lacerations and other injuries stemming from a bike crash, we deliver effective counsel so victims can return to riding as soon as possible.

Contact a knowledgeable San Jose bicycle accident lawyer for a free consultation

Staskus Law Firm, PC assists bicycle riders who have been injured throughout Northern California. Call us at 800-997-0370 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our San Jose office.

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Case Results
$12,265,000 Co-counsel on brain damage/quadriplegia case
$4,500,000 Wrongful death involving a big rig
$1,500,000 Physical and Mental Damages (including wage loss) for whistleblower
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