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The Long-Term Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Kim Staskus Oct. 30, 2018

Head injuries can be of great concern not only for their immediate impact but also their long-term effects on the victim’s health. If you’ve recently suffered a head injury in an accident caused by another person’s negligence, an awareness of the long-term effects of that injury will help you to better understand how to seek the appropriate level of compensation.

Below is some information you should know about the possible long-term effects of head injuries:

  • In some cases, the effects could last your whole life: Depending on the type of injury you’ve sustained, the treatment you received and other factors in your case, a head injury may cause permanent damage that results in at least some degree of impairment for the long term.

  • Every case is different: There are many factors that affect the severity of a head injury: the force applied to the head, where the impact happened, the direction the force came from, your health before the injury, when you received treatment, and the quality of that treatment. It could take a treating physician a considerable amount of time to understand the full extent of such an injury and predict how it will affect the patient moving forward.

  • You may experience a variety of symptoms: The specific long-term effects that victims of brain injuries experience vary, but they may include memory loss, mood swings, loss of balance, impaired cognitive function, risk of strokes and seizures, loss of sensation in fingers and toes, partial paralysis, comas and degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Symptoms can become more severe over time: In some circumstances, the long-term effects that you experience could become more severe over time due to complications that arise from other conditions or injuries. A seizure, for example, could worsen your already-present symptoms. Therefore, you will need to undergo a regular examination to ensure your condition does not worsen.

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