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If you have been bitten by a dog or attacked by another type of animal, you should first seek medical attention and then contact a personal injury attorney who will fight for the damages you deserve. At Staskus Law Firm, PC in San Jose, Kim David Staskus has spent more than 25 years representing residents of Northern California in personal injury cases, including those caused by animal attacks. California holds pet owners strictly liable for injuries caused by their animals, but it’s important to have experienced legal counsel so that the compensation you get fully addresses your harm. We provide strong advocacy that makes that possible.

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Luckily, injuries sustained from a dog bite or animal attack usually aren’t deadly, but they can be; in many cases, however, they are life-changing. Common injuries caused by animal attacks include puncture wounds from the animal’s teeth that pierce the skin;  permanent scarring and disfigurement; damage to nerves, tendons, tissues, and bones; potential infections; and emotional and psychological trauma. If you suffer any of these injuries after being attacked by an animal, we will seek full compensation for the injuries you’ve sustained.

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To establish liability in a dog bite case in California, the injured person must be able to demonstrate that they were bitten in a location where they had a lawful right to be. There are many parties that could be liable in a dog bite claim, including:

  • Owners — California is a strict liability state for dog bites, which means that the dog’s owner cannot escape liability for a dog bite by claiming that he or she had no knowledge that the dog would act aggressively. The owner is responsible for all harm caused by the bite, even if the dog never bit anyone before.

  • Animal keepers — If a dog is kept in a kennel, pound, or shelter, these institutions may be held responsible for bites to visitors but not to employees, who assume risk working there. Animal sitters may also be held liable if an attack happens under their care or custody.

  • Landlords or property owners — If a tenant’s dog bites someone and the landlord was aware that the dog was dangerous, the landlord could also be liable for the attack. Similarly, if a property owner allows an animal onto their property and the attacks occur there, the property owner could be held liable.

Establishing liability is one of the most difficult aspects of filing a personal injury claim relating to a dog bite or animal attack. When the liable party is identified, the victim can move to seek the damages they’re entitled to.

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The damages that you can be entitled to recover after a dog bite or animal attack depend on the severity and circumstances of your injuries. There are potential defenses to these claims as well because owner liability does not apply to dog bites if the victim was trespassing or assumed the risk of injury. The statute of limitations for personal injury claims in California is two years from the date of the incident, so you should contact us as soon as possible if a dog or another type of pet injures you.

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