Determined Northern California attorney takes on negligent parties

If you have been injured due to a slip and fall accident while on someone else’s property, you might be entitled to compensation. Located in San Jose, Staskus Law Firm, PC delivers comprehensive counsel to injured plaintiffs in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area. We will identify any potentially liable parties and completely detail the harm you’ve suffered. From there, we will dedicate our time and resources to help you win. Whether your fall was caused by an untended spill, faulty railing or some other condition that should have been identified and remedied, we won’t rest until you’ve been reimbursed through a verdict or settlement.

Silicon Valley firm litigates cases involving unsafe walkways and crowded locations

From start to finish, our firm will aggressively assert your rights in a slip and fall case arising from negligently maintained premises, which may include:

  • Hazardous walking surfaces — Cracks in a sidewalk, loose floorboards and other instances of negligence often trigger harmful slips, trips and falls. Should you suffer this type of injury, recovery is available even if you share some of the fault for your injury.

  • Spills and objects left on the floor — Even a small object left on a floor or a minor spill can trigger a serious fall. By reconstructing what happened, we’ll help determine who is legally responsible for the damage caused by the hazard.

  • Overcrowded locations — If a business owner, landlord, or someone else in charge of a property can reasonably expect heavy foot traffic, they are responsible for establishing safety measures that help their invitees avoid falls caused by bumping, pushing and shoving. Our firm assists people who’ve been hurt at concerts and other venues that failed to provide appropriate crowd control.

To establish liability in a slip and fall lawsuit, the plaintiff must show that duty of care existed and was violated, and that violation was the proximate cause of the victim’s injury. Starting with a free initial consultation, we’ll explain how the facts of your case apply to these legal elements.

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Staskus Law Firm, PC represents Californians who have been hurt in slip and fall accidents caused by another party’s carelessness. Call us at (408) 479-5822 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our San Jose office.