Experienced San Jose attorney pursues compensation for injured riders

Motorcycles offer the thrill of the open road to riders, but that freedom is tempered by the inherent risks motorcyclists face that car drivers do not. Legislators have attempted to create laws that offer protection to bikers, but these rules are frequently disobeyed or forgotten. At Staskus Law Firm, PC in San Jose, we draw upon nearly 40 years of experience to vigorously assert the rights of victims in motorcycle accidents and other personal injury incidents. Attorney Kim David Staskus and his team have the legal knowledge and practical skill to maximize compensation for motorcycle riders.

Bay Area advocate pursues full damages for bikers hit by cars and trucks

In the Silicon Valley, the Bay Area and throughout Northern California, we battle on behalf of injured bikers at trial and during settlement negotiations. Though insurance companies and defense attorneys might pressure you to accept a substandard offer, our firm can detail the payment that you are entitled to under law, which can include:

  • Medical costs — We work quickly to pursue special damages for the medical costs you incur while healing from your accidents. In addition to doctors’ and hospital bills, you can recover payment for prescriptions and related expenses such as transportation that you need to help you get to medical appointments.

  • Lost wages — Time out of work places enormous pressure on an injured person and their family, especially when medical bills are mounting. When a biker can’t do their job because of a harmful collision, our firm seeks reimbursement for lost wages and diminished earning capacity.

  • Pain and suffering — General damages, which do not directly relate to specific costs, are also available in California. These can include payment for the pain and suffering associated with a motorcycle accident, and consortium damages, which go to loved ones in order to compensate for loss of the victim’s household contribution and physical companionship.

  • Rehabilitation expenses — If extensive rehabilitation or adjustments to your home are necessary due to the long-term effects of your crash, we’ll detail your present and future costs when determining how to litigate your case.

Under California law, you only have two years from the date of the incident to file a claim. Even if you’re unsure about who was at fault for the accident or have other questions, we can answer them in a free initial consultation.

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