Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury or severe spinal cord injury, you want to ensure that you can receive proper care and compensation. At Staskus Law Firm, PC in San Jose, I provide leading legal advocacy for Northern Californians who have been hurt by serious head and spinal injuries. These claims can be extremely complicated, so it is vital for your case that you find a qualified advocate you can trust. As a seasoned litigation attorney with nearly 40 years of experience in this legal practice area of catastrophic injury, I have earned substantial settlements and verdicts for clients, and I want to now be that trusted attorney for you.

What to do immediately after an accident

When you or a family member suffers a blow to the head or injury to the spine, it is always a wise idea to see a doctor as soon as possible. Early detection of an injury or disease enables you to get treatment before the symptoms worsen. Once you’ve received professional medical treatment, it’s time to call a brain and spinal cord injuries lawyer for a free consultation.



Why hire a catastrophic injury attorney?

The effects of a traumatic brain injury  and spinal conditions often require long-term, expensive medical care. Whether your injury was caused by a negligent person or a defective product, you or your loved one deserves compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. I can help you understand and fight for what you’re entitled to under the law.

Brain and spinal cord injuries can range in severity, with symptoms that are relatively mild, such as headaches and mood swings, to those that can be much more debilitating, such as cognitive and motor impairment. What might complicate these injuries further is that symptoms may not show up right away. No matter what the particular effects are, the Staskus Law Firm, PC is prepared to stand up for victims in cases arising from incidents such as:

  • Vehicle accidents — In insurance claims and lawsuits, we’ll represent your interests so that you can obtain a verdict or settlement that accounts for your brain or spinal damage.
  • Falls — One fall on an unsafe sidewalk, slippery supermarket floor, off a ladder or in a bathtub could alter your life forever. We take on any parties who might have contributed to your fall.
  • Repeated contact from sports or other activities — Head injuries, particularly concussions, from activities such as football, boxing, skateboarding and hockey have received a great deal of media attention. Even if you or a family member has stopped playing these or other sports, we’ll determine if repeated contact led to an injury that is affecting you today.
  • Assaults — Domestic assaults, gunshot wounds and other attacks can lead to paralysis or lifelong brain damage. Our firm vigorously pursues compensation from individuals who have committed assault and battery.

Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries Lawyer in Northern California

Attorney Kim Staskus is prepared to fiercely represent negligence victims including those individuals who have suffered traumatic brain and spinal injuries. Call today to schedule a free consultation to review your case, and discover how his experience could work for you. Based in San Jose, the Staskus Law Firm, PC is proud to serve the legal communities of Northern California.