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Premises Liability

Dedicated San Jose Firm Litigates Premises Liability Actions

Northern California lawyer takes on careless property owners

Unsafe conditions on business or residential premises present a serious danger to visitors. Accordingly, the law requires property owners to take reasonable safety measures to maintain their properties. When this legal duty is violated and an injury results, Staskus Law Firm, PC works tirelessly to secure proper compensation for victims. From our San Jose office, we represent Northern California plaintiffs in premises liability actions stemming from falls, inadequate security and other harmful incidents brought about by negligence. Don’t be pressured into giving up your rights or dissuaded from taking action because you might be partly responsible for the injury. California’s comparative negligence law allows victims to recover even if they bear some fault for what happened. Attorney Kim David Staskus has helped clients maximize their financial recoveries for almost 40 years and can make sure irresponsible property owners are identified and held accountable.

Skilled attorney handles matters arising from unsafe floors and structures

Throughout the Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area, our firm obtains substantial payment for plaintiffs in trials and settlements pertaining to issues such as:

  • Unsafe walkways — Cracked sidewalks, slippery floors and other hazardous surfaces can trigger harmful falls. We examine all of the relevant circumstances to see if the duty of care was violated.
  • Dangerous structures — A construction or repair problem poses a threat to anyone who happens to be in that structure. If you or someone close to you has been hurt in this way, we’ll seek relief from negligent builders, designers, architects and contractors.
  • Construction zones — In the flurry of activity that surrounds a construction site, safety measures are sometimes overlooked. Our firm pursues justice for bystanders and workers who suffer injuries in construction zones.

With our background, we can accurately assess potential liability during a free initial consultation and give you an idea of what your claim might be worth.

Aggressive advocate helps people who’ve been exposed to toxic substances

Industrial plants, old factories and even gas stations can create a toxic threat to people in or even near them. However, those who are suffering from exposure to a harmful substance might not know where to turn. In toxic tort cases and other litigation involving hazardous materials, our firm has the knowledge and determination to overcome powerful opponents.

Effective Bay Area litigator takes on matters arising from electrocutions

If you or a family member has been electrocuted, we’ll work tirelessly to find the people and businesses responsible for your accident. Medical conditions that result from electrical accidents, such as burns and nerve damage, could be long-lasting or even permanent. Regardless of whether the incident occurred in a home, business or industrial site, our lawyers will retain the proper experts and develop a thorough strategy on how to proceed.

Contact a proven California premises liability attorney for a free consultation

Staskus Law Firm, PC represents Northern California plaintiffs in a full range of premises liability cases, including litigation arising from falls and security failures. Call us at 800-997-0370 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation at our San Jose location.

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Case Results
$12,265,000 Co-counsel on brain damage/quadriplegia case
$4,500,000 Wrongful death involving a big rig
$1,500,000 Physical and Mental Damages (including wage loss) for whistleblower
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